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Thematic Bibliography

Thematic Bibliography

Since returning to graduate school in 2000 for an MA and PhD in Religion, Psychology and Culture, the content of my research and writing has focused on the practice of ministry, women’s leadership, Baptists, and theological ethnography as a method for doing practical theological work. I write for three audiences primarily: my colleagues engaged in theological education and research, ministers and people concerned with the well-being of the church, activists and spiritually engaged people only marginally concerned with organized religion.


Women in Ministry in America

  • State of Clergywomen in America: A Statistical Update
  • Living Testaments article

Learning Pastoral Imagination

  • LPI – 5 year report
  • Links to 4 articles

Baptist Clergywomen

  • Anatomy of a Schism
  • Reviews and press about Anatomy of a Schism
  • Pastoral Bearings book chapter
  • Review & Expositor article


Theological Ethnography

  • EoHG
  • Case Study chapter in Conundrums
  • Relationality of Reflexivity chapter in What Really Matters


Sermons & Essays

  • This is What a Preacher Looks Like – books of sermons
  • Your Daughters Shall Prophesy – book of sermons
  • Links to sermons hosted on my website




Spiritual Formation and Prayer


Selected blog entreis


Book Reviews


Ministry Mentoring and Coaching

  • Fordham video
  • Support for New Ministers

Since 2011 I have worked with synods, judicatories, seminarians and other small groups of ministers to

  • Women’s Leadership Initiative – MDiv

Since 2014 I’ve been delighted to work with the Women’s Leadership Initiative, an MDiv program of Central Seminary. The purpose of this program is to provide focused support for women called to ministry, through group coaching, individual mentoring, local and global internship immersions, and attention to the particular barriers and challenges women still face when entering the practice and profession of ministry.


Spiritual Practice

  • Various blog links


Preaching and Retreat Leading

  • Wake Forest video