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Ordinary Time XXXIV

This week I sat down with one of my favorite pastoral theologians and got to catch up on what she’s doing with her life energy now and tell her about the work that I’m doing as well. Christie Neuger has written and edited several important books in pastoral care and counseling and also in the broader arena of the practice of ministry.

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Easter VI

It has been 16 years since Costly Obedience was published by Judson Press. It was the first published collection of sermons by Southern Baptist women. Now comes a long overdue next incarnation of sermons by Baptist women across a much wider swath of Baptist life. It is important for lots of reasons. It includes sermons by more than 30 women on a wide variety of topics and texts. It lifts voices and delivers messages that need to be heard beyond the local congregations and events where they were first offered.

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Easter II

A Whirlwind Tour: Boston and the Association for Practical Theology For the last three days I’ve been in Bean Town taking in some thoughts about bridging academy and church. To be sure there is some distance between seminaries and divinity…

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