Public Theology in the Face of Tragedy

This morning as we consider another major tragedy in real time, let’s consider how to do this with more grace and less sensationalism.

When responding to tragedy…
1) Lift prayers for peace, love, grief & loss. It’s not the only response, but it is where and how to start.

2) Look for reliable news sources. Listen critically. Ask questions. Don’t jump to conclusions.

3) Remember the epicenter is shock, loss, grief. Don’t turn someone’s tragedy into your personal issue if it is not.

4) Not your direct crisis? Don’t over-engage news & social media & magnify suffering – those in harm’s way or your own.

5) To consider political consequences, move slowly, listen much & speak with care.

6) Reach for spiritual and theological wisdom that is more questions than answers, more coming alongside than fanfare.

7) Be willing to consider your own cultural participation in the problems that give rise to the tragedy.

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