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Coaching for Writers

Writing Table

We have all kinds of new options for joining the Writing Table in 2023. Sign up to join us here! Throughout 2023, #FreeWrite Fridays at the Writing Table remain free.

Group and Individual Coaching for Writers

In January of 2013 I joined a writing club to finish writing Anatomy of a Schism. It was one of the better moves I’ve ever made. By the end of that year, I had completed my manuscript and I had also been approached to become a writing coach in the Club.

To this day I truly love supporting writers. It is a joy to coach people through presenting a conference paper, finishing an article, or completing a book. I’ve even walked with a few folks getting tenure, or achieving another milestone. Because I am a “player-coach” I benefit from amazing, supportive relationships with writers in many disciplines. The camaraderie and cheering through the rough patches really helps people stay on track. During the long season of pandemics I moved to support writers through a morning Writing Table.

coaching for writersThe Writing Table can help you form habits based on the principles of Robert Boice, one of my favorite researchers and writers on the practice of writing.

If you need a group to support you with daily accountability, I recommend that you join us at the Writing Table a few times. Every day from now to the end of December is free. And Fridays in 2023 also remain available at no cost. See if it gives you the support and inspiration you need to form strong writing habits for completing your projects.

If you are looking for individual coaching, I can also help. Maybe you want to jump start your stalled project? Or you need to finish your dissertation or book? Maybe you just want to get moving on a journal article or stop feeling blocked so that you can write fluently again.

In 2024 there are two options: Coaching for your writing habits and Developmental Coaching, which includes reading and responding to your writing. Both options include time at the Writing Table.

Visit the 3MMM shop to explore all Writing Table options.

You can also contact me for more information. Please check out the rates for one-on-one coaching. I can also give you additional information about half- day sessions, and small-group coaching with me.