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Coaching for Writers

In January of 2013 I joined Academic Writing Club to finish writing Anatomy of a Schism. It was one of the better moves I’ve ever made. By the end of that year, I had completed my manuscript and I had also been approached to become a writing coach in the Club.

To this day I truly love supporting other writers each day. It is a joy to coach people through the work of presenting a conference paper, finishing an article, completing a book, getting tenure, or achieving another milestone. Because I am a “player-coach” I benefit from amazing, supportive relationships with writers in many disciplines. The camaraderie and cheering through the rough patches really helps people stay on track.

The club teaches writing habits based on the principles of Robert Boice, one of my favorite gurus on the practice of writing.

If need a group to support you with daily accountability, I recommend that you give AWC a try for four weeks. See if it gives you the support and inspiration you need to form strong writing habits for completing your projects.

If you are looking for individual coaching, to jump start your stalled project, to finish a dissertation or book, to get moving on a journal article or simply get out of feeling blocked so that you can write fluidly again, please contact me for more information. I will send you rates for one-on-one coaching, half day sessions, and small-group coaching with me.

  • “God cannot be boxed. God is beyond human vocabulary. God is Elohim. God just might be plural, might be #trans. God is he or she or whoever God wants to be. God transports me, transitions me, transforms me. God flows. Don’t box God in. Let God be God by any means necessary.”
-Otis Moss III 
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  • Sweet Sweet Spirit! 
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  • Rev. Dr. Eileen Linder .
“The questions you ask are at least as important as the answers you find.” .
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This week Episode 33 of #3MMM is “cultivating questions. These are some very important ones! ▶️▶️▶️
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  • Opening of the Dale P. Andrews Freedom Seminary. 
Dr. Victor Anderson “we live in evil times. The president says for our elected congresswomen of color to ‘go back where you came from.’ But WE ARE NOT GOING BACK. We heard this as children and all our lives. No. We want to make America what it never was.” Amen. Amen. Amen. #freedom #justice #freedom #seminary #childadvocacy
  • As a writer & a writing coach & seminary professor & reader... well, it should not be surprising that #writing is important to me. Please enjoy this piece especially for all of you who are writing for your life! #writingforyourlife #writingtips #epicjourney @collegevilleins
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