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  • Rev. Dr. Eileen Linder .
“The questions you ask are at least as important as the answers you find.” .
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This week Episode 33 of #3MMM is “cultivating questions. These are some very important ones! ▶️▶️▶️
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  • Opening of the Dale P. Andrews Freedom Seminary. 
Dr. Victor Anderson “we live in evil times. The president says for our elected congresswomen of color to ‘go back where you came from.’ But WE ARE NOT GOING BACK. We heard this as children and all our lives. No. We want to make America what it never was.” Amen. Amen. Amen. #freedom #justice #freedom #seminary #childadvocacy
  • As a writer & a writing coach & seminary professor & reader... well, it should not be surprising that #writing is important to me. Please enjoy this piece especially for all of you who are writing for your life! #writingforyourlife #writingtips #epicjourney @collegevilleins
  • Officially on hour no. 4 of this delay. It is going to be midnight+ before I get to my hotel in Maine. Counting down the hours until I can see my peeps. Especially that girl who has been away for almost a month. #hoping #rainraingoaway #lightninggiveusabreak #americanairlines
  • Hey @wildgoosefest friends! Don’t miss my friend @ash_m_robinson! She has #3MMM bookmarks for YOU (also find them at the @centralseminary table). Ashley wants to talk with you! Tell her what you are reading! 📚
Tell her about your summer! 😎
Tell her about the future of the church from your point of view. 🕍
And be sure to ask her some questions, too cause she is wicked smaaaat & funny! .
Thanks Ashley for taking over @threeminuteministrymentor this week. 😍🤓📚 .
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  • On my way to dinner. So many things are on my #summerreadinglist! This book “Nonviolence and Social Movements: the teachings of Rev. James and Lawson Jr.” is a beautiful story of the work of James Lawson. I’m reading it to prepare for the proctor conference and seminary class sponsored by The children’s Defense Fund next week. @childdefender1973 
Tell me what’s on your summer reading list? Inquiring minds want to know! AND if you will post it publicly tag me with the #3MMM 😀 and we will enter you into the summer conference giveaway!
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