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How to work with Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed

Consulting / Teaching / Writing

If these questions ring a bell for you, then you may be ready for a partnership with Dr. Eileen.


  • how can I get some personalized coaching for imagining and finishing my writing projects?
  • how can I find support for my ministry growth and development?
  • I am new to ministry and I could use some help figuring out my path…
  • I am in a new ministry situation and I need some assistance in reading and interpreting my situation…
  • I am a minister in a tricky new situation. I could use some help in sorting out what it happening here….
  • I am in ministry and feeling stuck. How can I getting moving again?  I could use some help with discernment …
  • I am called to ministry and I am looking for employment. How could I start finding my way?
  • I am in seminary and trying to discern what my ministry will be. Can you help me imagine my options for living into this calling?


  • We are shifting our curriculum toward a greater focus on practice and the integration of skills, identity and knowledge. How can we make changes that make a lasting difference to our students?
  • We are trying to understand better what students need in order to integrate their learning. What do we need to know about process and how to change our curriculum and teaching for different / better outcomes?
  • We are particularly interested in helping women in our school be better prepared for the demands of ministry and the ongoing sexism that hinders their call. How can we be more intentional about preparing them? What do we need to include in a curriculum that


  • My church group or women’s group wants to experience a meaningful retreat and we are searching for a leader to help us with…
    • prayer and meditation
    • personal discernment of purpose and direction
    • exploring spiritual practices
    • spiritual reflection
  • Our congregation is in a time of transition and we would appreciate guidance with
    • integrating spiritual practices into our leadership approach
    • searching for new pastoral or staff leadership
    •  thinking through and putting into practice a clarified purpose and direction for our congregation as a whole


  • I am a researcher looking for feedback on
    • research design (qualitative)
    • troubleshooting data collection and/or interpretation
    • writing up my findings


  • I am a college or seminary teacher looking for assistance with …
    • planning a course
    • designing interactive learning experiences
    • experiential learning
    • using “backward design” for courses and curriculum sequences