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Advent XIIWriting Lessons | Part II

Yesterday I shared three ideas that help me with writing. Here are three more, each supported by the research of Robert Boice. They are less intuitive, and yet extremely useful in establishing a writing habit.

4. Hold back. Just as you begin to write, pause. Don’t rush in. Remain mindful, but not overly attached emotionally to what you are doing.

5. Start and end before you feel “ready.” Instead of compiling everything or delaying until ready, just go ahead and write. Externalizing ideas shows what you already know and don’t know. If you end before you feel “ready,” you won’t exhaust yourself. And more importantly, you’ll want to return sooner.

6. Write to think. Make a list. Draw a mind map. Jot things down. You are writing before you realize it. And when you see what you are thinking, you may gain insight you could not by thinking without writing.

What helps you with your writing?