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Advent XIIIWriting Lessons | Part III

Today’s  book-writing goal was lost to oversleeping. However, a few things on my helpful writing lessons list don’t actually happen in an obvious way, or while I’m writing at all.

7. Running. Running is a spiritual practice for me. Often it clears my mind and prepares it for writing (i.e. meditation). On today’s late afternoon run I discovered a framework for my book’s introduction. Lovely, surprising gift!

8. Dictating. When ideas show up and I’m nowhere near my computer, I grab whatever is available. Scrap paper, post-it notes, and my journal catch the insights. Today I used my phone’s wonderful Recorder Pro app to capture the thoughts after my run. Naming them aloud helped me see more clearly the contribution I’m making.

9. Sleep. For good and sustainable writing, sleep is essential. It’s like hitting the reset button. I wake with the freshest thinking of the day – especially when I don’t oversleep (smile).

What non-writing practices help you with your writing?

2 thoughts on “Advent XIII”

  1. How wonderfully honest, refreshing and inspirational your posts are. Yesterday my sister arrived for a couple of days – we went to Tate Liverpool to see an exhibition, just to wander around the galleries – finding peace, ideas and connections in a visual way really helps my thinking. Wishing you, your family and friends a wonderful third advent sunday.

    1. Thanks, Christine – I totally agree: art and many beautiful things inspire me and help me find my place in the world. Wandering is a really important part of sabbath for me as well! And connections for writing come in each of those places. Thank you for your encouragement and I hope your third Sunday in Advent also brought joy to you and yours.

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