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Paid Writing

Tonight I turned in my Upper Room Disciplines meditations for 2015. Working on them for two months, just a little each day, led to an on-time finished project. I wish all my writing could go that smoothly. Cultivating better habits gives me hope!

And I made headway on my book introduction today. Nothing to sniff at. However, I am sniffing. I think I have my daughter’s cold.

And here’s a PSA: the church pays better and more often for writing than the academy does. In academic writing, you build social capital, which you can trade for teaching work, but rarely are you paid for writing a book review, article, or essay. Some book contracts include agreements for pay, if you sell enough copies and meet all the other requirements. The ironies of this arrangement are legion.

I’ll leave you with my favorite sentence from the Upper Room meditations: Deep within us, something is always dying and something is always struggling to be born. That’s Advent.