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Advent XVHow to Read

Anatomy of a Schism is rooted in several academic disciplines (history, theology, psychology). Each clergywoman’s story stands on its own. Then each woman’s story is interwoven with other aspects of Baptist life and sources of Baptist identity (i.e. sermons, historic Baptist principles, published stories of other clergywomen, etc.), showing the resonance between personal narrative and social change.

The book asks people to see how clergywomen’s stories give shape and substance to a new interpretation of a larger Baptist story of schism. Because I’m asking readers to see the situation in a novel way, I must help them know how to approach the book and understand its arguments. Giving instructions for how to read is a primary task of the book’s introduction. That’s where I am today.

2 thoughts on “Advent XV”

  1. Thinking of you today. In a couple of hours I need to send off the next part of my thesis to my supervisor. Thanks to keeping vigil with you – I have worked steadily but a couple of hours of severe tidying up before I send. Have lit a candle – following your small ritual advice, holding you in prayer and ready to hit the keys on my laptop. God Bless C

    1. Awesome, Christine!
      I saw your tweet, also! So happy that we have made progress alongside and together. Makes it seem more doable, eh?
      Congrats to you and thank you for the prayers and support. Now keep it going!
      Happy Christmas to you.

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