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Ordinary Time XXXVII

For me this week, which ends the church year, also marks coming around full circle in a year of blogging. I began with Advent last year. So this week I will take time to read through all 93 entries of the past year. Except for a six week sabbath in July and August, I blogged twice weekly. I will be noticing themes, ideas, patterns, and even things that are missing.

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  • And she’s off to eighth grade! ➡️➡️➡️
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  • I think that learning goals are so important! So important that we did a series of three episodes for @threeminuteministrymentor earlier this summer. Did you catch them? 🌲🌳🌴
Here are some times when paying attention to learning goals for ministry might be on your map:
🌿Are you heading back to Seminary or Div school this fall?
🌱 Have you been filled up with new ideas at conferences or with readings this summer? Are you ready to make some changes to the way you do Your practice of ministry?
🌿 Are you planning a full fall of teaching, preaching, or formation programming in your congregation? 🌱 Perhaps you are starting a new chaplaincy residency or unit of CPE? 🌿Maybe you’re just re-assessing where you are in your ministry & your life right now? 🌴🌳🌲
Is it worth nine minutes of your life to think through the significance and steps for making good ministry learning goals? We think so! We created these posts just for you! 
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  • Start #freedomschools!! -Marian Wright Edelman 
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  • Have the most excellent, powerful and transforming week at the #proctorconference2019 @childdefender1973 @centralseminary #lookforMREbehindus 😊

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