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Shamanic Running

pounding down the hill and toward the river

it draws me down every time

morning air swelters around me

I try to find the rhythm in my stride, my breath

grateful for every remaining patch of shade along the greenway

passing dog-walkers and best friends chatting the morning away

my mind  races ahead and back . . . writing, grading, blogging, breakfast, laundry, to do lists

deeper things that need sorting

words that need saying

stuff that needs letting go

the one-two, one-two of my shoes touching the earth

like drums, like a heartbeat, like music

I remember lying flat on the earth

drums pounding all around me

shamanic rhythms pulsing through my chest and my head

the meditative rhythm of healing

I wonder at connections begging for more

between dream state sleeping (REM), running, knitting, one-two, one-two

between the two sides of the brain, left-right, left-right

between disparate states of mind

between moments in time

I wonder if restoration might enter my heart through the soles of my feet

with each breath I hope