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Before and After


I’ve always loved before and after pictures:

* home improvement

* haircuts

* weightloss

* whatever

They intrigue me.

How does change  happen? Sometimes it only takes a pair of clippers and an hour of sweat like my fish pond improvement project last weekend.


see . . .

Other times the change takes a more dramatic turn. Tonight I’ve been in a conversation with my community of faith about the nearly ten years of US waging war in Afghanistan as a response to 9/11. These are events that seriously change meaning to before and after. It was a conversation that is still working on me.

Whether it’s relationships or politics or the fish pond in the back yard, things change. Sometimes we can see the changes and sometimes not. Sometimes we mark our lives by what came before and what came after.

Thanks to Carrie Newcomer for capturing that truth so powerfully in her song,  “Before and After.”

You can a listen: here.