DSC_0668 In my opinion it takes a village to finish a book. Only I can write the book. But the support to finish it is another thing altogether. This site is about learning practices of spirituality and ministry. Writing a book for me is both a pastoral and a spiritual practice.

So, this little corner of my website is especially for *sparks* to keep the book-writing fires burning bright.

I will not be posting sections of Anatomy of a Schism. Rather, I’m inviting those who might feel called to it, to post a bit of encouragement, a pressing question or some words of support here.

Anatomy of a Schism is mainly an academic book, but it is also: 1) a set of really human stories about women called to ministry; 2) descriptions of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the Baptists who fought, remained, departed, and grieved its schism over the last three decades; 3) a new approach to interpreting religious schism at the end of the twentieth century; 4) a way to think about changing practices of what it means to be human; 5) and exploration of the intersection where gender and religion meet.

LaterĀ Anatomy of a Schism will be critically reviewed. At this stage, however, the name of the game is finishing the draft. And so in that spirit, I welcome your comments, questions and other support as I complete the draft and move it toward a more public voice.