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Ordinary Time XXXII

When a flood overruns the banks of a river, things are swept into surprising places. In early May of 2010 my neighborhood and all of Nashville saw the most dramatic flood in living memory. The news cameras caught a building floating down the interstate. One child was swept through a culvert only to survive. The rivers roses to inundate homes, schools, businesses, cars, roads and bridges. The death toll was over 30. The financial cost of the destruction was estimated in the billions. Efforts to sort through the damage and rebuild from the destruction continue and will for months and years to come.

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Easter X

I’ve wanted to start a series on healing for several weeks now. But every time I get plans underway it seems something new crops up that needs healing . . . like discovering how many files are really unrecoverable from my defunct hard drive, or seeing our drowned garden, or finding myself living in a city experiencing its worst devastation since the Civil War.

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  • And she’s off to eighth grade! ➡️➡️➡️
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  • I think that learning goals are so important! So important that we did a series of three episodes for @threeminuteministrymentor earlier this summer. Did you catch them? 🌲🌳🌴
Here are some times when paying attention to learning goals for ministry might be on your map:
🌿Are you heading back to Seminary or Div school this fall?
🌱 Have you been filled up with new ideas at conferences or with readings this summer? Are you ready to make some changes to the way you do Your practice of ministry?
🌿 Are you planning a full fall of teaching, preaching, or formation programming in your congregation? 🌱 Perhaps you are starting a new chaplaincy residency or unit of CPE? 🌿Maybe you’re just re-assessing where you are in your ministry & your life right now? 🌴🌳🌲
Is it worth nine minutes of your life to think through the significance and steps for making good ministry learning goals? We think so! We created these posts just for you! 
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  • Have the most excellent, powerful and transforming week at the #proctorconference2019 @childdefender1973 @centralseminary #lookforMREbehindus 😊

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