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Healing Space

This week I was part of a healing service. A time of prayer with room to breathe.

Worshipers heard an invitation to enter the space  with their whole selves and to bring all the brokenness of their lives with them.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” began the Psalmist.

And yet we are afraid. . . . and hurt and lonely . . . and grieving and lost. And we need healing from so many things in our lives. The very religious traditions that shape us are broken and sometimes do more harm than good. The institutions and the texts themselves stand in need of healing.

The light of the Christ candle was taken symbolically to places in the sanctuary where those gathered could receive healing touch or light a candle to honor their own deep need or the needs of others.

It is a standing invitation: light a candle to honor your need, your loss, your grief. Healing awaits us in the silent transfiguring presence of God. There is a space of healing there in the silence. Listen and wait. The healing has already begun.