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“We can shape but can’t control these possibilities to grow.” -Seryn

The one constant of the universe?


Well, it depends on which cosmology you are embracing today . . .

My own is under construction (as usual). My cosmology that is.

I think all the time about the connections between the inner lives we are leading and how they are shaped, formed and contested by cultural formations and geographies of the universe in which we live. I think in terms of surface and depth internally and in terms of meaning. I also think in terms of scale in what can be seen and also in terms of paradigm shifting.

What the . . .?

So here’s just a bit of what I have in mind: I go through the day thinking and feeling at various levels all at one time . . . relationships and conversations, things I think I have to do, goals, memories, fantasies, archaic beliefs, grandiose and more realistic plans all swirling internally, finding new configurations, seeing old things in new ways.

All the while I’m doing the things which carry me through the tasks of a day mostly without thinking. Like many human adults I’m an everyday expert walker, talker, eater, sitter, reader, dresser, makeup artist, cook, driver, typist, etc.

In other words I do a whole series of things to care for myself and others as if without thinking about them. At one time long ago I had to learn them, but now they are background purposeful actions. They are part of a collection of habits that shapes my body, brain, mannerisms, patterns of thinking and feeling and relating to self, world  and others. They are integral to a way of life.

How all this operates in my internal world is also shaped by cultures, traditions and geographies which compete and coalesce and change constantly. Some of these forces have long histories and others are emerging. All of them are changing – even as if like glaciers growing or receding, and I’m am changing, too. Growth and death are at work in my body and my way of seeing the world and the way the universe itself is shaped.

And I’m aware of something deeper yet. Or at least that is how it presents itself: something deeper upholding up what is busily going on in my mind and all around me in the world. This form of awareness and presence supports life and words and being. I usually stick with poetry when it comes to this sort of musing, but tonight I felt like spelling it out a little more. Just to see where it went. To see how it changes even in the articulation.


In the season of Advent, thoughts of change are built right into the traditions of scripture, worship and music which shape the liturgical season. I’ve been searching for a new artistic rendering of this impulse to change. Something that speaks to both the complexity and joy of living in the constant flow of change. Just now a new song and group appeared on my horizon. Almost immediately I am drawn into their orbit. Seryn is based in Denton, Texas and has been named by Paste Magazine as among the best new groups and albums of the year.

See what you think . . .

This is Where We Are 

somehow we’ve gone and lost our way
this is where we are

we move slowly
sewn in time

we can shape but can’t control these possibilities to grow
weeds amongst the push and pull
waiting on the wind to take us
we can write with ink and pen
but we will sew with seeds instead
starting with words we’ve said
and we will all be changed

For more about Seryn and to hear more of their music, you can visit here.

For more about Advent, you can return here in a few days, and something else may be growing . . .