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The [Baptist] Conference on Sexuality

A few quotes & tweets from the first day from the plenary speakers  . . . .

Jennell Williams Paris: sexual holiness is not an endless set of refusals. #SexandCovenant

Paris: sexual feelings & behavior are large categories, but sexual labels can’t capture identity as beloved children of God#SexandCovenant

Paris: what if all aspects of sexual identity were held by & expressive of our belovedness? #SexandCovenant

Paris: the church upholds structures that don’t support the spiritual practice of celibacy #SexandCovenant

Sayles: theological malpractice is when a pastor interps Paul to advise a woman to stay in an abusive relationship.#SexandCovenant

Sayles: who or what authors and authorizes our lives? Jesus: 4 sources- tradition, scripture, experience, reason #SexandCovenant

Sayles: we too often confuse the Living word Jesus & the written word which is a scriptural witness to life of Jesus. #SexandCovenant

Sayles: approach 2authority: keep tension between written word & living word Christ; God is Christlike & leads us to trust.#SexandCovenant

Sayles: god is better than god’s people. Audience: let’s hope!!#SexandCovenant

Sayles: what makes us into ecclesiastical border patrol officers? Nothing in god’s inclusiveness. #SexandCovenant

Sayles: these are not conversations ‘about them’ but ‘among us’.#SexandCovenant

Sharyn Dowd: discernment is sorting out voice of God from others competing for our allegiance & requires community#SexandCovenant

Dowd: need to discern new ways of thinking about sexual desire & behavior #SexandCovenant

Dowd: in most churches giving $$ records are more hidden than illicit sex. #biglaugh #SexandCovenant

Dowd: church is mixed bag of saints & sinners. ‘Weeds & wheat’ breaks down because we are all BOTH. #SexandCovenant

Dowd if we are condemned of welcoming sinners we’ll be in the good company of Jesus. #biglaugh #SexandCovenant

Dowd: none of our relationships are all they ought to be & need redemption. #SexandCovenant