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Springtime Six-Word Stories*

A dramatic portion of my energy is going to writing these days. What am I up to? Well the list is full at the moment. . .

I’m coming very near to a full draft of my book, Anatomy of a Schism. I’m crafting both a presentation for a conference on Ecclesiology and Ethnography and a commencement address for Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. And a co-authored essay with Chris Scharen for the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project is also on the docket. So my blogging is brief tonight.

On a four-mile run this evening the moonrise and its reflection stopped me in my tracks. The beauty of this long spring has reached out to me in a number of ways. So here are a few six-word stories arriving over the first few weeks of spring…

light show: acorns grow, leaves glow

moonrise reflection brings me up short

“take your bike to the ballgame”

“let the boat go by” – Keating

Peace to you, friends! More stories coming soon.

This posts offers four six-word stories. They are a fun way to say a lot with a picture and just six words.