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after days on end of mercury topping the charts
it is sweet relief waking to soft drumming rain
on leaves outside my window
low clouds churn and roil and my daughter says to the thunder
that’s the sound of my belly growling I’m so hungry
in the next room her giggle rises
while I return to my prayer word and sit still as a droplet waiting to fall
I let her words, the sounds from outside my head and inside my heart pass by
all so much weather
like moods that rise up and crash around the house
like sauna conditions when the sun finally pushes through clouds
like the thrum of desire, the bitterness of resentment, the savoring of flattery,
look it in the eye, don’t flinch, and watch it go
all so much weather

what remains is stillness, like marrow, like sap, like down filled nests,
like the center of a rain drop
holding on
plummeting back to earth
in the moment everything falls away
and at once, I am a singular drop, the whole universe,
the sacred in the moment
giving way to words and feelings that will never see the light of day
nor the deep of night,
giving way to a awareness itself,
giving over everything the echo chamber of silence,
in every particle, every hope, every tick of the clock, every hummingbird feather,
every droplet waiting to fall
is the sound of God waiting to catch me