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IMG_7561Anticipating Light

Often I discover what I need, and what the world needs of me, are right in front of me or hidden within me. Yet I need light to recognize and receive the gifts and return them to the world.

Each morning we anticipate the light of the sun’s rising. A built-in optimism ~ or maybe it is hope ~ fuels our future visions large and small, and it motivates us to rise again and say yes.

Today’s texts of transfiguration are full and overrunning with light… the glory of God … a devouring fire … a lamp shining in a dark place … a new day dawning … a face shining like the sun … clothes dazzling white … bright clouds … transfiguration.

Transfiguration Sunday anticipates the coming light of the revelation of love. Over the next seven weeks the church will trace the life, work, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, God’s standard bearer of light, in the Lenten season.

I will chase after this light with my camera. For forty days (excepting Sundays), beginning on Ash Wednesday, I’ll be posting a daily picture of light, taken in the day or some time within the past year. And I’ll be searching for how the light illuminates that beyond itself.

Please join me here daily for Lenten Lights. We will see where the light leads, reflect on what it reveals, and possibly discover how it transfigures our lives.