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Lenten Lights HH ~ Labyrinth 

Holy Week Labyrinth

Tonight I feel the blessings of a community that sets up a Holy Week labyrinth, and says, come and walk. The candles were lit. My daughter first tagged along at my heals then pushed past me, then went at her own pace. I wrote these meditations when I was expecting her. Now here she is, growing faster than I can keep track. Time and community and the mercy of God circle in to the center of my life and back out. I walk. And in each step I both detach from and connect to all that is, to the power and empowerment of love and life.

This week we walk the path of Jesus that leads through great love,
.          surprising betrayal,
.                     healing and teaching,
.                                meals and miracles,
.                                          life and death.
.                                                     God’s mercy in every step.