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Pamela R. DursoCelebrating Pam Durso*

The world of Baptist Women in Ministry was waiting for you.

And you, my dear friend, you have been a gift. You continue to be a gift to Baptists, to historians, to women in ministry, and to me. Your genius for making friends and offering encouragement really can’t be over-estimated. Your knack for counting things, and keeping up with them (like ordinations and pastors), and writing about them with grace and clarity, means you are contributing to a legacy of change and renewal for Baptists in the twenty-first century.

Your capacity to network and bring resources, ideas and people into the right place and time for positive change made you the absolute best choice for leading BWIM at this juncture in its life. I cannot think of a better person, more qualified or more passionate about supporting and advocating for women in ministry, than you.

Your leadership brings BWIM into its most stable, most innovative, and most expansive stage in its history. Every founder of BWIM should be proud to see where you and the Leadership Team have taken the organization in five years. BWIM’s state of thriving is a sign that reflects the good news about the ongoing growth in leadership by women in Baptist life.

Personally, Pam, you have been such a good and gracious friend to me. I’m grateful for the years of work together, for being a co-author with you, and for taking part in schemes, projects and some mischief that has contributed to the betterment of Baptist life. I hope there are many long years of friendship ahead, adventures to be explored, and parties still to be hosted that celebrate the Spirit’s movement among us.

With my warmest congratulations on your five-year anniversary as Executive Director of BWIM, I bow deeply to you my friend. You are one who collaborates with God’s Spirit to mend the world.  Thank you for saying yes.

* Today the BWIM Leadership Team celebrated five years of Pam Durso’s leadership as Executive Director. They invited friends to send letters of appreciation. This one is mine. It seemed worth a public thanks.


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