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DSC_2867Sermon Checklist 

Planning a sermon has a lot of moving parts. Especially for beginners, when you get caught up in the sermon itself, it’s easy to forget logistical details. Here’s a checklist that may help, so you don’t find yourself tripping into the pulpit, having a coughing fit, or discovering mid-sermon you are missing a page of notes. As I get closer to a day when I’m preaching, here are some things I pay attention to…

A few days or week ahead:

  • What do I want my sermon to say?
  • What do I want my sermon to do?
  • Can I see the major moves in my sermon?
  • Are there any missing pieces or things I don’t know how to pronounce?
  • Are there aspects I’m still not comfortable with… who can I talk to about that?
  • Breathe

The night before:

  • What am I wearing? Is it clean, comfortable, non-distracting? Can I attach a wireless mic?
  • Are my shoes clean and ready and comfortable?
  • Liturgical wear – robe, stole, cross or other symbols?
  • Are my notes or manuscript printed and readable? All pages are there?
  • Bible? Mark the text (post it or book marker)
  • Do I know who is reading my text? If it is me, have I read it aloud 5+ times?
  • Other things: tissue? Pen? Throat lozenges? Water bottle?
  • Breathe
  • Get to bed early!

The day I preach the sermon:

  • Time to pray/meditate first thing
  • Read through or rehearse the sermon in the quiet of the day – before others start needing my attention
  • Can I eat something healthy (depends on the time of the sermon)?
  • Drink some water
  • Go through check list of things (see above) – put them all in a bag
  • Breathe

At the venue/sanctuary:

  • Where will I put my Bible? Water? Notes?
  • Can I see and be seen? Hear and be heard?
  • Get an order of service – ask questions if someone else planned it.
  • Meet technicians – test sound equipment before the service (attach mics, etc.) by reading the scripture
  • Walk around the space
  • Breathe

 What else is on your must-have check-list item as you prepare to preach?