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In late November, I started planning some posts and op-eds to participate in awakening other white friends, family and followers to reflect on Advent After #Ferguson.

That was before the failure to bring an indictment in the #EricGarner case.

Rather than give in to my temptation of paralysis, I’m going to hold vigil on social media and elsewhere.

White people: We have a lot of work to do for our complicity in the broken system of injustice: laws, courts, prison systems, mass incarceration, open and hostile prejudice – as well as oblivious and implicit prejudice – that gets away with murder. Repeatedly.

Before we open our privileged mouths too far, however, we need to start by witnessing the harms, reading the news, quietly supporting our grieving friends, and praying in silence for a long season of lament and repentance . . . the real stuff of Advent. Then we can (continue to) work quietly, relationally, and deliberately as allies and advocate for change.

Only then. Only then.

Until then: #AdventVigil #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #pathofnonviolence