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Breathing a Prayer

Let everything that has breath praise the Creator.

When we lived in Georgia parishioners there introduced us to the amaryllis. Every year a pot with a gigantic bulb would appear on my desk during Advent. By the time Epiphany came around it would be sending up a green shoot that grew so fast you could almost watch it. The stem and spare leaves reach eighteen inches or taller. Then one day the most spectacular bloom opens up and wows you for days on end. It is followed by another and another.

This year we’ve been watching an amaryllis grow on our kitchen table. In addition to water, it needs turning each day. The plant grows so fast that it bends toward sun light. To keep it growing straight requires daily rotation.

Velvety petals dark in the center flame outward

Each bloom refracting and magnifying sunshine

Breathing light and life into the room

A prayer of thanksgiving and praise

Teaching me silently that to breathe is to pray

Stillness and quiet stretching for the skies return me to my source

Beauty says this is enough

Everything in its own time

Thanks be