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Lenten Lights E ~ Lenten Rose

photo 03-10-2014 7:45am

During the snow/ice last Monday, my husband said, “Something is blooming in the flower bed next to the front porch.”

“No way!” I said. (Being that he is color deficient, I totally discounted any bloom sighting.) A couple days later, I saw it in the full light of day … Lo and behold (and my humble apologies). Something is indeed blooming! I took a few passing shots with my phone, but had no idea what manner of strangeness this might be. Then last night I spotted a friend’s photo, and the mystery was solved: Lenten Rose. Who knew? Well now you and I do!


Lenten Lights is a series of daily photos and brief reflections between Ash Wednesday and Easter (excepting Sundays, which are not counted in Lent).