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Lenten Lights N ~ Guest Post by Frank Thomas

Orange crowned sparrow Vancouver Mar12

Today’s photo and reflection on light come from photographer and friend, Frank Thomas.*

Lent and Light ~ Frank Thomas 

I’m in a position to wait.  Camera shake won’t be a problem – I’m leaning against a tree, elbows on my knees, solidly supporting my 400mm wildlife lens.  But he just isn’t cooperating.  The little patch of radiance between the two of us will neither fade nor recede in the time we will share…it’s up to him.  Edgy and shy, this little fella finally decides the possibilities for food outweigh the risk of exposure and moves into the bright shaft of sunlight.  Click, click…click, click, click – his moment in the sun is captured by the camera.  Every exposure is different, his movements quick and precise.  But he doesn’t linger; he has posed, and now he’s gone.  I check the images on the camera’s display, and they take my breath away.  He’s beautiful.

This is but one image among scores that tell a similar story: I sit and linger, hoping for movement that brings the bird or animal into a more favorable light.  A lot of photography I do depends on what a friend calls LTL: light, timing, and luck.  Many times I’m disappointed, but I have little control in these encounters.  Even so, I try to draw the creature toward me, left, or right, by directing my thoughts its way: “Step into the light…come on, step into the light.”

How often am I prompted to do the same by that still, small Voice:  “Come on, step into the light.  You’ll be refreshed, renewed.  It’s just a small step away from the shadows you’re in now.  Take the step.  Draw near.”  I rarely hear the Voice say what others seem to hear, telling them which purchase to make or what person to approach and declare that a miracle will happen.  I don’t know if my ear is out of tune or my mind too restless to notice, but I rarely hear specifics from this Voice.  G*D seems to speak when I’m open, quiet yet insistent: “Get into the stream of My will; Be still, and listen; Step into My light.”

Softly, and tenderly, Jesus is calling.  May you step into the Light this Lenten season – notice, be still and patient, and then step – and be captured.

  • When planning this Lenten Lights series, I wanted to invite a few guest posts. Frank and I are members of the same email writing support group. I’ve also discovered that in addition to his substantive academic work, Frank is also a stellar photographer. You can see more of Frank’s beautiful photos at Frank Thomas Photography.