q Lent XXXI - Eileen Campbell-Reed
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Lenten Lights EE

Apple Blossom IOne of the gifts of my commitment to chase light with my camera this Lenten season is that I’ve watched Spring’s coming out party with a very focused eye. One effect of that watching is my sense that each blossom and bloom have unfolded slowly.

Consistent and patient attention is also one of the gifts of disciplined prayer. Even while things are falling apart around us, we still have an opportunity to focus our attention on the holy, to breathe, and to loosen our grasp on all that we hold onto through a day: our things, our expectations for the future, our self importance, and obsessive stories from the past (what Martin Laird calls the “videos” of our mind that we play over and over). When we let go of our grasping, a gift that comes in its place is being grasped by the sacred presence of the holy.

Apple Blossom II