q Lent XXXIX - Eileen Campbell-Reed
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Lenten Lights MM ~ Silent Saturday

Vigil Candles

Early this morning in my car headlines on the radio jumped out to me for the long and deep silences in each stories. . . prolonged waiting for grieved families, the crushing depths of the ocean, the ignorance of damage to the earth. As this day and the long night ahead advances, I’m lighting a candle and praying the headlines. The scriptures are silent on this day, but pain, grief and harm go on blithely. As people of faith we can pray, hope and work for change. Yet this one night we courageously face the universality of human suffering in the echoes of silence.

HeadlineCaptain, 2 Crew Members Arrested In S. Korea Ferry Sinking

Quote: “Divers finally managed to get into the passenger decks of the ship. And they saw through a window three bodies, but they were unable to actually get in and recover those bodies.” 

Headline: Flight MH370: robots search sea bed for signs of Malaysia Airlines plane

Quote: “Angus Houston, the search co-ordinator, issued a statement saying there had been no major breakthrough. . . .  The joint agency co-ordination centre said a 46,713 square kilometre area of the Indian Ocean was still being searched for the plane, which went missing with 239 people aboard on 8 March.”

HeadlineTelltale Rainbow Sheens Show Thousands Of Spills Across The Gulf

Quote: “Just in the last year, I have filed 50 reports for different leaks and spills unrelated to the BP disaster.”