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May 3, 2014 Tweets about #FoodAndFaith @ecampbellreed
“Food and Faith: A Matter of Health and Wholeness”
Conversations with Norman Wirzba, Ellen Davis and Wendell Berry
St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Practice Resurrection - St. George

Advice for young farmers? Be careful, don’t give up your town job & don’t let the economy victimize you. -Wendell Berry #FoodAndFaith

“Cheap food” public policy is a failure. -Wendell Berry #FoodAndFaith

Liberals are just as big a threat as Limbaugh b/c they think being Xn = political correctness (HT Will Campbell) -W Berry #FoodAndFaith

We should know bonds to the land by both economy and pleasure. -Wendell Berry #FoodAndFaith

There is a fundamental cruelty to living on earth & vegetarianism will not get you out of this dilemma. -Wendell Berry #FoodAndFaith

A few more tweets from Wendell Berry on the way … (I heard him speak on #FoodAndFaith this morning). Then a blog post.

Ellen Davis – Psalm 65 starts w/silence of praise & ends w/listening to all creation praise. God is the farmer in between #FoodAndFaith

Fun picture: Wendell Berry, Norman Wirzba & Ellen Davis #FoodAndFaith

Churches need to cultivate people who can cultivate the land to feed & heal the world. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

Norman Wirzba is dreaming of time when churches all have a garden manager. #FoodAndFaith

Jesus is the bread of life – we eat, take in & are transformed by this bread. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

Labor is not reflection of misdeed, but a path of god’s patience, humility, propriety & gratitude. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

God loves soil. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

Naming … ‘Food IS God’s love & delight made delectable.’ -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

God loves & enjoys material bodies & creates with hope of joining that creation. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

How will we name food? Flower. Weed. Vegetable. Commodity. Naming makes all the difference. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

Gardening teaches us about frustration, impotence & death. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

Our isolation from the land separates us from vulnerability, fragility, serendipity & hope. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

How are we going to be healthy in a poisoned world? -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

Never in history have so few people had so little insight about how to grow food. -Norman Wirzba #FoodAndFaith

sudden change of plans… I’m going to hear Wendell Berry this morning! link