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2 thoughts on “Eastertide VII – Practicing Resurrection”

  1. Well done Eileen…I would only add that I was struck, again, by the word Berry puts before resurrection: practice. Like getting your fences in good shape before you go on a trip, it’s not a notion or a philosophy or a theology….it’s a practice. Nothing clarifies Wendell Berry’s thinking like hearing him explain himself in person. You can hear him pause and see him lean forward and know that he means it when he advises you to avoid trying to change other people. All you can change is yourself…the time for life and love and work is now and the place for all three is here.

    1. Thanks, Jimmy. I’m with you (and WB) on the sense of the significance of practice.
      Thanks for your additional insights. It was good indeed to see and hear WB in person.

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