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Dave Brubeck 
b. December 6, 1920
d. December 5, 2012

This photo and quick remembrance is from the night I drove into New York City to see Dave Brubeck live at the Blue Note. It was a great adventure for me. First was the driving in NYC, and fortunately it was a Sunday evening. And then the real adventure was going to the Blue Note for the chance of a life time to hear a jazz legend. In the club itself the audience is wedged in at tables of eight and more. You literally eat dinner rubbing elbows with strangers you just met. (As long as you are not claustrophobic it makes for an interesting evening!) I met a therapist and an anthropologist, married and teaching in NYC for over 30 years. We had a fascinating conversation while waiting for the show to begin.

At showtime, Dave was escorted to the piano, and I was mesmerized for an hour and a half while he and his band played. He gave us newly composed music  that evening. As I recall it was for a family member’s recent nuptials. I was so impressed that he was still composing and playing at almost 90 years of age. It was not a solitary show. He was still touring!

The picture was taken with my BB phone, so the quality is poor, but his gesture with jaunty finger in the air still communicates something of his personality and style.

Amazing pianist. Virtuoso composer. Decent human being.

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