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Advent VIPerspective 

Today I revised chapter two for 175 minutes (I work in 25 min segments called poms). I managed to cut 524 words. This is very slow work. However, the story, the argument and the analysis are improved in the end.

When I left my office, I heard on NPR Nelson Mandela has died. This evening I heard Nashville in Harmony sing. The work of mercy and justice goes on in great and small ways around me, giving me perspective on the work I do and words I say. This prayer closes my day: Oh, God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.

2 thoughts on “Advent VI”

  1. Yesterday my writing boat was also small and progress against the wind slow but like you I did move forward slowly. The UK has had a bad storm overnight with lots of flooding so your song which was always the last one sung at Guide camp helped my prayers last night. A day filled with thanks for the life of Nelson Mandela and his inspiration and vision. In Manchester today for my oversight panel – this is the group which journeys with me through my ministerial training. First a one to one with my accompanier and then a conversation with a panel – then you have to leave the room and go back in to be told they recommend that you continue in training. Prayers for you today as you continue typing. Happy Advent 6.

    1. Those are some big days you are having, Christine!
      Blessings to you as you move through both your ministry training and thesis writing. It is good to know our boats are not alone out here 🙂

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