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Advent XVIIbBreather

For three weeks I’ve worked at a sprinter’s pace, with the urgency of a spiritual quest, and supported by friends, family and colleagues, on completing my book. This push comes at the end of several years of steady work, thinking through my thesis, writing and revising hundreds of pages and thousands of words, about the lives of five women and millions of Baptists.

The three-week push produced excellent results. Three chapters are sitting on ‘go.’ The tasks for completing the other two chapters are minimal: eight footnotes and 10 other tasks. The introduction needs the most work, yet it is in excellent shape.

Now for a week (which began Thursday evening and will continue until holiday celebrations are complete) the book is on hold. I’m resting in the peace of the closing days of Advent and breathing in my family, friends, church, the guests who will come for Room in the Inn. I was disappointed to miss my own self-imposed deadline, but I’m also thrilled by the book’s progress.

Thanks for your encouragement, support and connection. Peace to you in this final approach to Christmas!