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Lenten Lights F

Bridge | Harpeth Greenway

Earlier this week my daughter and I chased the evening light so we could get a walk before dark. We followed the curve of the river along the Harpeth Greenway. She rode her scooter, and I walked briskly because it doesn’t do to run with a camera. We went as far as the bridge… one of several that now connect the greenway to the Warner Parks.

For a lot of years, I thought of my work as bridging . . . church and academy, beliefs and practices, psychology and theology. These days, I’m not sure where the bridges go, which ones are not going anywhere, if this is still my work. This Lent I’m letting go of my expectations about my so-called career. I’m waiting to see what shows up as my vocation for this season of my life. I’m hoping Lent itself is a bridge to something new.