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Pentecost I

Three days in a row I found myself sitting with three different circles of women. We gathered around food, friendship, stories, laughter, tears, outrage, and promise. The occasion and purpose for each circle was different, yet they shared some things in common. Conversations took turns through work, love, grief, friendship and gratitude.

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  • Start #freedomschools!! -Marian Wright Edelman 
@childdefender1973 #proctorconference2019
  • Have the most excellent, powerful and transforming week at the #proctorconference2019 @childdefender1973 @centralseminary #lookforMREbehindus 😊
  • How have so many #faithleaders become justifiers of systems of oppression? .
Seminary education should teach & form future ministers by centering on the sacrality of every child.
~@wolfhaley .
New Book: “Let your light shine” centers the sacrality of children in theological education. .
#sacralityofchildren #theologicaleducation #seminarylife #ministrylife #ministry #children 
@ChildDefender @drreggieblount & Virginia Lee @garrettseminary
  • #ProtectChildrenNotGuns 
The Children’s Defense Fund leads us prophetically. What can you do today to protect and advocate for children? .
#stopgunviolence #childrensdefensefund 
@childdefender1973 @centralseminary @threeminuteministrymentor
  • ‪“God always sends us who we need. You can’t build a movement alone.” ‬
‪- Marian Wright Edelman @childdefender1973 #proctorconference2019 ‬#childadvocacy #marianwrightedelman
  • “God cannot be boxed. God is beyond human vocabulary. God is Elohim. God just might be plural, might be #trans. God is he or she or whoever God wants to be. God transports me, transitions me, transforms me. God flows. Don’t box God in. Let God be God by any means necessary.”
-Otis Moss III 
@childdefender1973 @auburnseminary 
@auntiedivaoflife your intro made just in time. 😄#transformationtuesday #proctorconference2019 #preach

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